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Kaleidacolor Ink Pad Spectrum




Multi-colour dye inkpad. Unique colour combinations

Application: Plastic, metal, shrink plastic, rubber, leather, polymer clay, laminated paper, coated paper, uncoated paper, photo, glass, porcelain, terracotta, cellophane
Drying time: 3 seconds (porous surfaces) - 5 minutes (non porous surfaces). Drying time varies based on surface / material, humidity, etc.

  • Multi-color dye ink pad.Unique color combinations.
  • The patented sliding pallet keeps ink colors separete and prevents the colors from bleeding together.
  • Slide the pallet together to use Kaleidacolor with a brayer or stamp.
  • Colors are extremely vivid on coated paper.
  • To use, slide the lever toward the inkpad - the pallet will slide together. Once it clicks, the colors will be locked together and ready for use.
  • When finished, slide the lever away from the inkpad. Once it clicks, the colors will be locked into a separated position and ready for storage.

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