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Jo Sonja Acrylic Paint Series 1 Brilliant Magenta 75ml



  • Jo Sonja's Acrylic Artists' Colours Paint are used by leading artists around the world and are the only true professional quality paints available specifically for decorative art. 
  • Jo Sonja's Artists Colours are made from only the finest quality pure pigments. 
  • Jo Sonja's Artists Colours are two to three times stronger than bottled craft colours 
  • All colours in the range are lightfast and carry ASTM ratings as your guarantee against colour fade. 
  • Jo Sonja's Artists' Colours are flow formula acrylics offering the look and feel of traditional gouache.  
  • Acrylic gouache is a popular medium for design works on paper and decorative art, providing opacity of colour and a beautiful, matte velvet finish
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