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Rhino Gray Sculpey Polymer Clay 2oz



  • Premo Sculpey is an artist's dream come true! 
  • After conditioning, this clay is soft enough to blend easily, but firm enough to hold fine detail and for specialized techniques. It's perfect for caning, mokume gane and mica shift. 
  • Because Premo retains flexibility, the finished product remains very strong and durable.This remarkable clay quickly reaches a workable state (with a minimum of conditioning) and remains soft and pliable while offering extra resistance without crumbling. 
  • The artists' color palette is great for color mixing and blending. Premo Sculpey is not brittle after baking, great for millefiore with a firm smooth texture, is non-toxic and comes with a vast color palette (each sold separately). 
  • This package contains 2oz of Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay. 
  • Made in USA.
SKU: 715891552926 TAG: Polymer Clay

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